Winter Vehicle Inspection

There's no winter in Southern California, right? Wrong! Although Pasadena usually doesn't see snow or temperatures below freezing, it's better to be prepared for the worst than neglect your vehicle and get caught in the cold. Or, maybe you're planning a winter getaway to Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead - then you'll definitely be seeing [...]

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Does Brake Fluid Get Old or Go Bad?

You most likely pay a lot of attention to your car's engine and its vital fluids - and rightfully so. You change the oil every few thousand miles, keep your coolant topped off, and even your wiper fluid is never empty. But arguably even more important is your car's braking system. If your engine blows [...]

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Cooling System Problems

If you have your driver's license, then, at the very least, you most likely know how to read your vehicle's speedometer and fuel gauge. But what about all of those other gauges on your dashboard? It is important to know how to read your vehicle's vital signs, and one especially critical gauge to keep an [...]

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Hard to shift out of park? Transmission repair?

Transmission repair - Have you ever gotten into your car in Pasadena, only to find that it is unusually hard to shift out of park? There are a few reasons why an automatic transmission may become harder to shift out of park. Whatever the reason is, you should get it checked as soon as possible [...]

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Timing Belt Repair

Timing Belt Repair - Your vehicle's engine is a highly complicated, intricately designed piece of machinery that needs to operate within strict specifications in order to run properly and last for hundreds of thousands of miles. But how do all of these separate moving parts stay in sync with each other while you drive around [...]

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The Parking Brake – Who Knew?

Parking brake. Handbrake. Emergency brake or e-brake. In today’s world of mostly automatic cars, not many people think of or use their parking brake. But it’s there for a reason. To take the best care of your vehicle, you should engage the parking brake every time you park your car, even if your vehicle is [...]

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EVAP Control Valve Repair

Classic cars are a huge part of California's world-class car culture. But if you go to a classic car show, you may notice a strong odor of gasoline, even though there are no leaks or malfunctions. Some people love the smell and some people hate it, but it is scientifically proven that gasoline vapors are [...]

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Standard Brake Pads Vs. Lifetime Brake Pads

In your travels around Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley, you may have seen or heard of some shops or stores that offer lifetime guarantees on some car parts. One part that is commonly available with a lifetime guarantee is your vehicle's brake pads. It may seem too good to be true, but there really [...]

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Find out how regular auto maintenance can improve gas mileage

Regular Auto Maintenance - With summer already upon us, many groups of families and friends might have some free time and want to leave Pasadena for a while on a quick vacation.  Fixing a car that is significantly out of tune, or fails to pass an emissions test, has been shown to improve gas mileage [...]

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Auto AC Repair and Maintenance

Our SoCal summer heat wave is already in full force here in Pasadena - and it’s only getting hotter. Temperatures way past 90 degrees make it important not only for your comfort but your health that your vehicle’s air conditioning system is in good condition. Today, we’ll explore what constitutes a good air conditioning service, [...]

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