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Hybrid Tune-ups


Hybrid Tune-ups – With increased awareness about the environment and the realization that gasoline is a non-renewable resource, hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more popular today. Living right next to one of the world’s biggest and most polluted cities, Pasadena residents can easily see and feel the effects of pollution in the air over the Los Angeles metro area. By combining a gasoline engine with an electric motor to produce power, hybrid vehicles reduce fuel consumption and save you money at the pump.

Your hybrid vehicle is not immune from maintenance, nor will it require twice as much maintenance. Just like a traditional car, you should consult your vehicle owner’s manual for the most accurate maintenance schedule.

Routine maintenance such as tune ups, oil changes, and tire rotations are much the same for hybrids as they are for cars with conventional engines. For specific maintenance schedules for your vehicle, it is always best to check your vehicle owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Some people think that, because they use two different power sources, hybrid vehicles will need twice the maintenance to stay in good condition. But the fact is, hybrid cars do not require any additional regular maintenance. On the other side, some people think that because hybrid vehicles have the extra help of the electric motor reducing strain on the gas engine, that they will need little to no maintenance. This is also wrong.

How much maintenance your car needs will differ slightly with your driving habits, but there are a few things specific to hybrids that differ significantly from conventional cars: their braking system, battery system, and motor oil weight.

If you need service on your hybrid vehicle or need help figuring out an appropriate maintenance schedule, give your Certified Auto Repair Specialist a call today at (626) 793-2220. Our skilled technicians can take care of any of your hybrid vehicle needs, guaranteed!