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Auto Sales – In response to the growing demand from our clients we have expanded our services further to assist you in finding the right vehicle for you. In addition to holding a variety of cars in our own inventory, we have established great relationships with many franchise dealers and auction halls around the nation and we are on a mission to make sure we get you into a vehicle of your choice in model, style and color. We would be delighted to locate the right vehicle for you.

We can make arrangements for leases and auto sales of new and used vehicles.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or additional information.


Below Are Just Some of the Many Services Available at Certified Auto Repair Specialist!

Engine Repair

Brake Services


Cooling Systems

Power Steering

Drive Line

Fuel / Induction

Air Conditioning

Diesel Repair / Service


Belts and Hoses

Muffler / Exhausts



Oil Changes

Shocks / Suspension

Starters Repair



Scheduled Maintenance

Battery Replacement