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Pasadena Auto Repair

Started in 1998. Company started by Allen & Edwin in 1998.

More Service Bays Means Better Service. We now have 6 service bays, 3 ASE Certified Service Technicians and 2 Service Advisors.

Fleet Service. We offer many fleet services for organizations with company vehicles of all types, ranging from passenger cars, light trucks, SUV’s, vans and trucks. Find out more about our fleet services here.

Well Equipped To Serve You Better. We have made big investments into our facilities and equipment to allow us to service your vehicles faster and better.

State-Of-The-Art Technology and Technical Resources. While many companies cut corners on technology, we don’t.  All of our staff has access to online resources that help us troubleshoot and service your car with greater accuracy and fewer problems.Our staff of technicians and service advisors have access to some of the best equipment for auto repair in our shops.  We have invested lots into giving them these resources so they can do their jobs expertly, with the fewest errors, safely and as quickly as possible for you.


Below Are Just Some of the Many Services Available at Certified Auto Repair Specialist!

Engine Repair

Brake Services


Cooling Systems

Power Steering

Drive Line

Fuel / Induction

Air Conditioning

Diesel Repair / Service


Belts and Hoses

Muffler / Exhausts



Oil Changes

Shocks / Suspension

Starters Repair



Scheduled Maintenance

Battery Replacement