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Certified Auto Repair Specialists

Certified Auto Repair Specialists

This is the most honest auto repair shop that I have ever been to. The owner Alan is the most kind and caring mechanic I have ever met. Being a woman that is not very knowledgable in cars, he always explains things in the most simple and understandable ways. I always reccommend this shop to all my friends! A few months ago my air conditioner went out. I went to three different shops and before even looking at my car i was told 3 different things needed to be done and everything would need to be repalced and they wanted to charge me over $600.
I took my car to Certified Auto Repair and Alan guaranteed me that he would find out what was wrong and fix it at the most affordable price. AND HE DID! And he fixed my a.c. for only $125! No matter what your car problem is, take it to Alan and he will truly do his best to fix it and help you. He is so good to his customers!

Andria L.
Arcadia, CA

this is my place I go regularly. Why? because they are relatively fair-priced, and always reliable. no games. what kept me going back since the beginning..the owner, Allen (or Alan; sp?) cut me some slack when I had trouble to pay him, and also he let me store my car on his back lot for quite some time with no charge, even though I ended up pulling that car off the lot without having him do the job I originally planned to do. He was very cool about it, so I keep going there, and haven’t asked for a price cut since, knowing that I’m not being ripped off and if I need a break down the line I will get one…whenever Ive got something wrong I take my car here. Another reason I know they are honest.. if something is wrong that I can easily fix myself, Alan will tell me straight up what I should do instead of taking me for my money..this is my main shop and I recommend it..

G C.
Monrovia, CA


Certified Auto Repair Specialists

When my 2002 Ford Focus decided to stop working I suspected it was the Fuel Pump, but lacking the know-how, tools, equipment, etc., I had no choice but to grit my teeth and find a Mechanic. (This is the first major job I’ve had done, other than oil changes & recommended maintenance work).  After reading the glowing reviews by fellow Yelpers the plan was to take the Focus to T&M Auto, or Evolution Automotive (both at the same address), but when I got there I was told they only work on imports and to try next door.

That’s where I met Edwin, the owner of Certified Auto Repair Specialists, who was very friendly but in a good, professional way. I felt safe leaving my baby in Edwin’s hands but when he called & confirmed my suspicions that it was the Fuel Pump I was still expecting a hefty bill to accompany his news. When he started saying that meant they needed to replace the Fuel Pump Module because it was all one unit my eyes saw dollars signs. Red ones. Not those golden ones like when you hit triple-7s on the Vegas slots. And when Edwin added that my Exhaust Manifold was cracked I could literally feel my wallet getting lighter by the second.

But Edwin continued, and in a good way. The Exhaust Manifold was not critical, he said, it can wait another time, and he quoted me a figure just under $500 for the replacement of the Fuel Filter and Fuel Module. I knew how much work it took to replace a Fuel Pump Module in a Ford Focus, which is why I hadn’t attempted this job myself, so I was actually happy with that price (so was my more car-knowledgeable coworker, who I clued in later, which made me happier still).

As my registration was due along with the requisite Smog Check I asked Edwin if he could take care of that for me, too. Which he did. Except the cracked Exhaust Manifold resulted in a big fat F on my Smog Check so we needed to take care of that problem now rather than later, too. The total bill? Fuel Filter, Fuel Pump, Exhaust Manifold, inc. Labor & Smog Checks (although I only paid for one), came out to a little over $800.

Cash discount? I asked, bringing out the Benjamins, and Edwin obliged, knocking the price down a bit. I won’t tell you by how much. Let’s just say that Edwin respects our 6th President and we’ll leave it at that 😉

After bidding Edwin adieu I jumped in my Focus, turned the key and Vah-Room! Okay, fine. So it mewed rather than roared. I know, I know. It’s a 4-cylinder Focus, not a V8 Mustang.  Let a man have his day dreams 😛

Now, fast forward 2 months and I jump in my baby, start her up, hit Reverse, and…lug…lug…….lug…..sputter. Crap. It’s the exact same symptoms as last time. Fuel Pump, again? WTF? I drag out my receipt and look it over. Like a good, reputable mechanic, Edwin guarantees his work, Parts & Labor, for 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first). I sure haven’t put 12,000 miles on in just two months so if it IS the Fuel Pump (which is odd for it to fail so I’m both praying it is, and it isn’t) then the work is free. Turns out it is so Edwin hooks me up with a new Fuel Pump, free of charge and has the work done the same day I drop it off. (Actually it was the next day, but that’s only because I dropped it off at 5:30pm when they close, but when a job’s done inside 24-hours that’s good enough for me.)

But, and this is why they get 4-stars and not 5, when Edwin calls me to tell me the job is done, he also says a couple of the engine mounts are broken and need replacing. They’re special hydraulic mounts, he adds, and there goes my wallet again. Edwin says he’s called around and got some quotes and total cost, Parts & Labor, comes in at just under $200. That’s not too bad, actually, so I tell him to go for it.

So, why 4-Stars and not 5? Because Edwin never told me about the broken engine mounts when I had the Focus in two months ago. She’s a rattly old car, and has been for some time, so the problem must have existed then. Now because she’s a rattler I know Edwin isn’t trying to rip me off, but I do have to wonder why, if he found the cracked Exhaust Manifold at that time, why he didn’t notice the broken engine mounts then, too.

But still, that’s a Fuel Filter, Fuel Pump Module, Exhaust Manifold, and two Hydraulic Engine Mounts, all replaced for under $1,000? It sounds a lot but it’s also a lot of work, so it’s a fair price IMO.

In summary, am I happy with Edwin and Certified Auto Repair Specialists?

Yes, yes I am. He can hardly be held accountable for a dodgy Fuel Pump, which he replaced free of charge (under warranty) so yes, I’m happy with the work he’s done, I’m happy with his price, and I’m happy with how he’s kept in touch with me. How often do you have to call the mechanic because you’re wondering where your car is? With Certified Auto Repair Specialists, you don’t; Edwin calls you.

John P.
Monrovia, CA

Extremely happy with the service,Edwin the owner, is in this business for years,very honest and trustworthy, highly recommended.

Rose lover