Auto AC Repair and Maintenance

//Auto AC Repair and Maintenance

Auto AC Repair and Maintenance

Our SoCal summer heat wave is already in full force here in Pasadena – and it’s only getting hotter. Temperatures way past 90 degrees make it important not only for your comfort but your health that your vehicle’s air conditioning system is in good condition. Today, we’ll explore what constitutes a good air conditioning service, and how you can keep your A/C system working well so that you’re not sweating bullets this summer.

Regular car air conditioner service or recharging will help ensure that you and your passengers stay comfortable, especially important on hot summer days like we have in Pasadena.

Your vehicle’s air conditioner does not simply blow cold air into your car, it removes hot air from your vehicle cabin as well. In order to accomplish this task, it relies on several components, including an evaporator, condenser, and compressor.

To help maintain the air conditioning system, you should run the system for a few minutes at least once a week, which will help keep the hoses, valves, and pumps in the system well lubricated.

Whenever you have your vehicle serviced here at your Certified Auto Repair Specialist of Pasadena, we will check the refrigerant level and recharge it if necessary. However, it is a good habit to also get a full air conditioning service at least once a year, before summer starts.


Recharging the refrigerant level is the most common type of air conditioner service. Included in a refrigerant recharge service is:


  • Air vent temperature check
  • Reclaiming, recycling or replacement of operating gas
  • Replacement or check of receiver drier / filter
  • Adjustment of drive belts and pulleys
  • Check operation of valves and thermostats
  • Leak test of system lines and components
  • Inspection of hoses and components
  • Cleaning condenser fins
  • Deodorize and sanitize system


Refrigerant gas is extremely damaging to the ozone layer and any gas that is irresponsibly released into the atmosphere by repair shops, garages or backyard mechanics can harm the environment and contribute to global warming. Here at CARS, we make sure that the used refrigerant is properly disposed of so that you don’t have to worry about harming our planet’s environment.

Not only is it important to keep your air conditioner functioning, it is also important to keep it clean. A dirty air conditioning system can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, which could be dangerous for an asthma sufferer or somebody with allergies. Here at CARS Pasadena, we can perform sanitizing treatments to remove these contaminants, making your air conditioner smell fresh again and letting you breathe easy.

Don’t get swept off your feet by the heat wave – call your Certified Auto Repair Specialist of Pasadena today at (626) 710-4451 if you have any questions about your vehicle’s A/C system. We are Pasadena’s best vehicle repair shop!

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